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How To - Skips (OLD WAY)

Use the following new skip process to earn and use skips. Please read everything carefully. I totally understand it might be a little confusing at first since there is a lot to read. Read it over a few times if you need to, and when you are done, if you still have questions, please don't hesitate to ask them here.

1. You may earn 1 additional skip for use in that round of that community by using one of the codes for pimping and posting it either in a community or as a new post on your journal (your userinfo/profile page doesn't count). To receive this pimp skip you must link the URL, so I can check it out before awarding your skip. This skip is non-transferable to other communities you may compete in. Once the round officially starts (when the first challenge is posted), you may no longer earn this skip.

2. If you win a challenge, then you automatically earn 1 free skip for that community. You may not transfer this skip to any other community in which you may compete.

3. Finally, you can earn *points* toward additional skips by submitting valid votes in any of the LAS communities, even ones in which you do not compete. The number of points you get depends on how the number of entries for that challenge in the community for which you vote.

For each 15 points earned in this way, you will receive 1 free skip that you can use in any community of which are a part. Once you earn 15 points, I will email you and ask you to choose to which community you want the skip added. Once you choose, you may not transfer the skip. There is no limit to how many skips you may earn from voting.

You earn 1 point for every community you vote in that has 10 or less entries.
You earn 2 points for every community you vote in that has 11-35 entries.
You earn 3 points for every community you vote in that has 36+ entries.

4. No members may use skips once 5 or less members of the competition remain in any round in any community. You will get an email telling you.

5. You can only use a maximum of 3 skips in a row before you submit an entry to remain in the round.

6. For instructions how to use a skip, visit here for full details on how.

7. If you need to know how many "points" you have towards earning a skip, you may find out here.

NEW MEMBERS (for those who have never competed in the community before)
1. You receive 1 free skip just for signing-up for a round of a community, for use within that community and that round only, i.e., you may not transfer skips between communities.

OLD MEMBERS (for those who have competed in past rounds)
1. If you won the previous round for that community, then you start with an extra 1 skip.

DEFAULT/VOTED OFF MEMBERS (you defaulted for whatever reason, or you were voted off)
1. Once you default or are eliminated, you may still earn a maximum of 1 extra skip per community in which you participated with which to start the next round of the community (if you join the next round) by earning 15 points for valid voting in the community just as if you were still in the running. You may not earn more than 1 skip while not actively participating in the LAS community.

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