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Join The Competition(s)

You use this post to sign-up for a round starting for a LAS community.

LAS (Last Author Standing) is a fanfiction/story competition where members compete against each by submitting entries of 100 to 1,000 words based on a prompt every week and a half. The entries are voted on and people are voted off until only one author is standing who is the winner! All winners are given a banner for winning and a $10 GC to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble - their choice and a free skip they can carry over to the next round if they join.
- The fanvid, fanmix, ficlet and picspam comms go for three weeks. The drabble and poetry comms go for one week.

The competition consists of “rounds” and “challenges”.

ROUNDS: A round consists of regular writing prompt challenges whereby writers are eliminated until one writer remains – the “Last Author Standing”. The mod posts to the community, opening sign-ups until a given deadline. Writers who wish to participate submit their username and email.

CHALLENGES: The mod posts to the community a writing prompt for those who have indicated a desire to participate in the round. The challenge post includes the deadline (usually 9-10 days) by which writers must submit their stories *by email* to the mod.

Eliminations then occur based on -

1. Defaults – Failure to submit a qualifying story by the challenge deadline, without having asked to use a “skip” (See post on skips here) results in a default. This means you can no longer submit stories to the community for the remainder of this “round”. (You can sign up again when the I open the next Round.)

2. Voting – The writer(s) with the lowest score overall leave the competition after the voting and can no longer submit stories to the community for the remainder of this “round”. (They can sign up again when the I open the next Round.) How it works, in brief: I post the qualifying submitted stories to the community without writer names, opening voting for a specified period. Both participants and non-members can vote; participants may neither vote for themselves nor solicit votes for their work. (See post with full explanation on voting here)

3. Other - Failure to comply with the rules – at my discretion.

Of Challenges: The writer(s) with the most positive votes receive an additional skip for use later in the round, if needed/desired.

Of Rounds: When only one author remains, that author wins:
a. a banner
b. three free skip they can carry over to the next round (if they join).

I run the following communities. The top list are ones open to sign-up for. The list below that are the communities that have already started their current round and will have to wait to be signed up for. Deadline dates might be pushed back if we do not have enough players to start with by the deadlines.

Also, if a community name is not liked yet, it is because I want to make sure there is enough interest for it before actually going ahead with creating a community for it. To make sure it DOES get made, please use the sign up form below and sign-up for it! Once at least 15 people sign up for a particular subject -- I will go ahead and make the comm and add the banners for pimping, etc!

* The following shows are accepted within this community.
+ The community excludes the Harry Potter, Star Trek, and Twilight series since they have their own communities.
^ The community includes Angel, Buffy, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible, Firefly, Serenity.
% The community includes Classic Doctor Who, New Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures, Torchwood.
$ The official kink accepted can be found here.
1 This community will be based solely on the pairing and the prompts will be pairing specific.
2 This community will be based on a theme and will allow all fandom based fandoms.
3 This community's challenges will last for 3 weeks compared to the usual 1 1/2 weeks.
4 This community's challenges will last for 1 week compared to the usual 1 1/2 weeks.

OPEN for Sign-Ups

Deadline: May/June (specific date coming soon)
5timesfic_las based on the '5 Times ___ (And One Time __) method with an example here. 2
harhermione_las based on Harry & Hermione (Harry Potter) 1
scenes_las based on Scenes (instead of telling a complete story, you write out one specific scene) 2
hcomfortfic_las based on Hurt/Comfort (genre) 2
startrek_las based on Star Trek [movies/shows]
tvd_las based on The Vampire Diaries [the show, NOT the books]
twilight_las based on Twilight [books/movies]

Deadline: July/August (specific date coming soon)
book_las based on all Books +
stargate_las based on Stargate [movies/shows]

Deadline: Unknown (once we get 15 sign-ups we will start)
picspam_las based on Picspams 2/3 [LIMIT: 15 members]

Deadline: Undecided (have to wait until current round finishes)
originalfic_las based on Original Fiction


Deadline: Unknown
The following topics will be made into their own communities once we get 20 sign-ups. The more people sign-up, the faster they will get made into new communities and started.
Topics (click the link to see the list as it's too long to put here)
Please sign up for any of the topics above on it's own page linked above to avoid clutter.

CLOSED for Sign-Ups
crossovers_las based on Crossovers [you must crossover one fandom with at least one other]
doctor_rose_las based on Doctor & Rose (Doctor Who) 1
drabble_las based on fanfiction that is exactly 100 words; no less, no more. 2/4
fanvideo_las based on Fanvids 2/3 [LIMIT: 15 members]
ficlet_las based on fanfiction that is between 2,000 and 10,000 words; no less, no more. 3 [LIMIT: 10 members]
harrypotter_las based on Harry Potter [books/movies]
jack_ianto_las based on Jack & Ianto (Torchwood) 1
jossverse_las based on all works of Joss Whedon ^
kink_las based on Kink $
lastmixstanding based on Fanmixes 2/3 [LIMIT: 15 members]
lastpoetstandng based on Poetry 4
movie_las based on all Movies +
spn_las based on Supernatural
slash_las based on Femslash/Slash Pairings 2
tvnetwork1_las based on ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, USA Networks *
tvnetwork2_las based on BBC, HBO, NBC, SHOWTIME, STARZ, SYFY, TNT Networks *
whoverse_las based on Whoverse %

To sign-up, copy and paste the form below in a comment. ALL info is required. Any excluded info invalidates the sign-up.

IMPORTANT! The following links contain VERY IMPORTANT information you NEED to read and understand in order to participate in the communities. If you don't understand something, please, please ask any and all questions here. It's better to ask than not to ask and get it wrong or be confused.

1. Rules can be found here.
2, Find complete info on our new skip process (including how it works, how to get skips and where to go to use a skip) here.

Tags: comm: 5timesfic, comm: abc, comm: bbc, comm: books, comm: cbs, comm: crossovers, comm: drabbles, comm: fanmixes, comm: fanvids, comm: ficlets, comm: fox, comm: harry/hermione, comm: harrypotter, comm: hboshowtime, comm: hurt/comfort, comm: jack/ianto, comm: jossverse, comm: kink, comm: movies, comm: nbc, comm: originalfic, comm: picspams, comm: poetry, comm: scenes, comm: slash, comm: spn, comm: stargate, comm: startrek, comm: syfy, comm: tnt, comm: tvd, comm: twilight, comm: usanetwork, comm: wbcw, comm: whoverse, o: sign-up
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