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LAS Rules

The following are the rules for all of the writing LAS comms not including drabble_las, fanvideo_las, ficlet_las, lastmixstanding, picspam_las comms.

drabble_las Rules | fanvideo_las Rules | ficlet_las Rules | lastmixstanding Rules | picspam_las Rules

01. Every two weeks, I will post a prompt. Participants will write a fic/story for the prompt, and voting will eliminate people for each challenge until we have the Last Author Standing. There will be more than one round, so if you miss the current one, feel free to stick around until sign-ups for the next round begin!

02. Everyone who wants to participate must sign-up here. Sign-ups will continue until the first Wednesday after the first challenge is issued. Anyone can sign-up! Experience is not necessary.

03. Every other week, on Monday, a post containing one prompt will be posted. Prompts can be anything, including but not limited to quotes, pictures, one word, phrases, etc.

04. All fics/stories must focus on -
a) the fandom (it’s a one-fandom community)
b) at least one show/book/movie (if it’s a network, books, movies, or verse community)
c) original and completely made up (if it’s the original fiction community)
d) the theme on which the community is based (for crossovers or kink communities)

05: Fics/stories must be at least 100 words and no more than 1000. The author determines the subject matter and rating, but the author MUST give warnings for graphic sexual or violent material.

06: Betas are NOT allowed! Please use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling as best you can.

07. Anyone may vote, including members competing. Rules for voting will be made clear in each week's voting post, so pay attention carefully to ensure that your vote counts. Writers may NOT vote for themselves. Meaning, NO self votes!

08. Your fics/stories must be kept anonymous until the voting for that week has officially ended. Meaning, you may NOT post your stories anywhere on the web OR send it to anyone via email, pm, etc. You may not tell anyone which fic is yours to avoid anyone rigging the votes. Once voting has ended, your fic/story you may post your anywhere you like. If anyone is caught breaking anonymity, that member will be disqualified and banned from future rounds. Votes will always be submitted through screened comments and remain anonymous to everyone except the mod.

09. Find complete information and details about our new skip system here.

10. I will post prompts on Monday, and entries will be due a week and a half later, Wednesday at 5:00pm EST (US Eastern). I will post the stories, and voting commences that Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Voting closes 5:00pm EST on Sunday, after which time I will post the result of the week's challenge (Sunday evening or Monday). To know what time is it currently in my time zone, see this page.

11. Absolutely no character, show, theme, and/or relationship, etc bashing is allowed, either in fics/stories or votes. I cannot stop someone from voting for or against a fic/story, but they must state a legitimate reason (other than dislike of a character) in order for their vote to count. Please, just be friendly and courteous to one another, and most of all, have fun!

12. Winners of each round win a graphic banner, a $10 gift certificate to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble and a free skip that carries over to the next round (if they join).

# of Members Voted Off (subject to change)
50+ Members - 3 members
11-49 Members - 2 members
2-10 Members - 1 member
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